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Welcome to the world of Kesh Beauty! Come in, sit back and relax… We want you to feel at home.

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You may be wondering, what does “Kesh” mean? Simply put, it’s our founder Lisa Chetrit's term of endearment for her favorite city, Marrakesh. As an American born into a family devoted to Old World Moroccan values, Kesh Beauty is Lisa’s interpretation of “traditional beauty made modern.”

Inspired by centuries-old beauty secrets and Moroccan hospitality, Lisa created Kesh Beauty to offer the instant gratification and real results we expect in today’s world, while simultaneously providing a simple, natural solution that’s reminiscent of yesteryear.

Beyond melding the traditional Moroccan and contemporary Western worlds, all of Kesh Beauty’s artisanal products are infused with opulence and luxury. We strive to support and reinforce your conscious decision to use natural and organic ingredients with products that feel indulgent and pampering, not “granola-y” or “crunchy.”

Why Kesh Beauty Argan Oil?

Argan oil is synonymous with Morocco, and this golden elixir has been ingrained in the region’s culture since ancient times. Kesh Beauty celebrates the rich history and rituals associated with the oil, sourcing only the highest quality ingredients to create an exotic collection of pure and botanical-infused argan oil products.

Unlike many other brands that mix argan oil that may not even be from Morocco with other ingredients or preservatives, Kesh Beauty imports directly from a cooperative in Southern Morocco, which supports the lives of local Berber women while helping to preserve the region’s most coveted natural resource. Kesh Beauty uses only the highest quality, natural ingredients, and our argan oils are certified 100% organic by the U.S. National Organic Program. To maximize purity, Kesh Beauty’s argan oils are triple-filtered and blended in small batches, and carefully poured into eco-friendly glass bottles one at a time. 

Our unique spray dispensers minimize waste by delivering the perfect dose, while preventing contamination so our preservative-free argan oils stay fresher, longer. 




Imported directly from a cooperative in Southern Morocco, Kesh Beauty’s argan oils support the lives
of local Berber women while helping to preserve the region’s most coveted natural resource. Here, these women extract oil from the fresh kernels of the Argan fruit tree by hand, using the same ancient techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. Through this cooperative, the Berber women are also able to elevate their socio-economic status and standard of living while expanding their skill sets and learning how to manage their own finances. And because Kesh Beauty loves and respects all life on this planet, we are committed to sustainable ingredients and materials, and vow to never, ever test our products on animals.

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