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Letter From Our Founder

founder of kesh beauty

Long before it became big news in beauty, Moroccan argan oil has ranked high on my list of must-haves. Growing up in a Moroccan American household, argan oil was a staple ingredient for both skin and hair care, and in the kitchen. From scrambled eggs to salads, the nutrient-rich, nutty oil was poured on practically everything. But it wasn’t until a trip to Marrakesh as a teen, that I experienced the amazing beauty benefits of argan oil firsthand. After a spa treatment left my skin and hair silky and nourished like never before, I drilled the aesthetician for answers—only to find that her secret ingredient was, you guessed it, argan oil.

Excited to have stumbled upon a centuries-old beauty secret, generations of Berber women swear by argan oil’s long list of healing and anti-aging capabilities, I did what any beauty-obsessed girl would do—I made a beeline for bazaar. And ever since that memorable trip—my suitcase was jam-packed with a stockpile of this liquid gold—argan oil has become a mainstay in my makeup bag.

Twenty years and four kids later, I remained an argan oil devotee. From skin soother to cuticle smoother, hair mask to moisturizer—not to mention miracle diaper rash soother—it was the only product I found that was pure and natural enough to use on my children and could multitask as much as I did. I simply could not live without it.

So in 2013 when I set out to start a business, I looked no further than my own medicine cabinet. Proud of my Moroccan heritage and inspired by my children and our fast-paced New York City life, I knew instantly that creating an all-natural and organic line of argan oil products was the perfect way to bring these two worlds together.

There was just one problem. Most of the argan oil I had tried had amazing skin and hair care benefits, but didn’t smell like something you wanted on your body all day. Diving in headfirst, I traveled to Morocco. After reaching out to friends and family, I was put in touch with the country’s foremost authority on argan oil and began working closely with a local producer. A perfectionist by nature, I sourced an endless number of samples—spending hours learning how to analyze nuances in color, aroma and purity—until I found what I believe is the best argan oil on the planet. And so Kesh Beauty was born.

Sourced directly from a cooperative in southern Morocco where Berber women work to extract the oil from the argan fruit tree, Kesh Beauty's Argan Oils offer head-to-toe hydration and soothing. Every drop melts into your skin instantly, delivering just the right amount of lightweight, non-greasy moisture. Proven to promote a healthy, radiant complexion, our exceptional oils owe their effectiveness to high levels of protective antioxidants and skin-reinforcing essential fatty acids, which help skin maintain its natural moisture levels—preventing dehydration before it starts. Factor in their many other talents as a revitalizing hair treatment, ragged cuticle smoother and overall skin soother, and it’s no surprise that this miracle of Mother Nature has been coveted by Moroccan women for hundreds of years.

Using only the highest quality natural ingredients, Kesh Beauty's Argan Oils are 100% certified organic by the U.S. National Organic Program (USDA), triple filtered in small batches for maximum purity and carefully poured into beautiful glass bottles with a unique spray delivery system, unlike the typical glass droppers most brands use.

In addition, Kesh Beauty has made a promise to never test on animals and to only produce argan oil that is harvested from fair trade cooperatives. Committed to responsible sourcing, our support improves the lives of local women by increasing their socio-economic status, raising their standard of living, expanding their skill sets and teaching them to manage their own finances—so pampering yourself with one of our luxe formulas feels good both inside and out.

A true celebration of my love and appreciation for the richness and depth of my Moroccan heritage, Kesh Beauty is ultimately a brand with a mission: To give a centuries-old beauty secret a fresh, new, socially conscious spin. We remain committed to developing natural, pampering formulas that soothe, nourish and protect—and that you will be proud to pass down yourself.

I can’t wait for you to try them.


—Founder, Lisa Chetrit 

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