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All About Argan

argan oil health beauty benefitsExtracted by hand from the fresh kernels of the Argan fruit tree, Kesh Beauty’s argan oils are a natural, effective solution for virtually every beauty woe. From skin moisturizer to split-end smoother, there’s a reason generations of Moroccans have been calling it “liquid gold.” Ideal for men and women with every type of skin, as well as those with conditions such as acne or rosacea, argan oil has countless anti-aging and skin-repairing capabilities. Kesh Beauty’s Moroccan argan oils offer head-to-toe hydration and restoration. Lightweight and non-greasy, every drop melts into the skin instantly (without clogging pores), leaving skin radiant and protected from the elements. With high levels of antioxidants, argan oil neutralizes free radicals before they do the damage that leads to visible aging and skin cancer. Argan oil also has an exceptional concentration of essential fatty acids that help the skin maintain its natural moisture levels by reinforcing the skin’s barrier. Not only does this fortified skin barrier keep moisture in, it helps keep irritants out as well. The result: Happy, healthy skin.

Providing a significant surge of moisture to the skin and hair is just the beginning… Consider these other incredible uses for argan oil:

For your hair...

  • Pre-styling protection for hair
  • Deep conditioning hair treatment
  • Prevent humidity-induced frizz
  • Instantly mend split ends
  • Tame flyaways
  • Protect hair from damaging UV rays, salt and chlorine
  • Alleviate scalp itching and flaking

For your skin...

  • Smooth rough, jagged cuticles
  • Make a manicure look like new
  • Prevent stretch marks
  • Soothe diaper rash
  • Intensely hydrate problem spots like elbows, knees, hands and feet
  • Promote skin regeneration to improve the appearance of scars and dark spots
  • Apply to burns, scrapes and scratches to prevent infection and promote healing
  • Quell the discomfort (and potential skin damage) caused by sunburn
  • Remove makeup (including waterproof mascara)
  • Mix with foundation to impart a dewy glow
  • Add to bath water for extra skin hydration
  • Use in place of lip balm for dry, chapped lips
  • Apply before shaving to prevent irritation
  • Safe and gentle for delicate baby skin
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